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Electric driving dust push cart HY101


Electric driving dust push cart HY101


1. It is operated easily, regulating its speed through a rotary handle and braking through a manual handle

2. It is equipped with a dust mop respectively in the front and rear,and its ground-touching/leaving mode is regulated quickly and conveniently through a pedal

3. It is equipped with a battery meter, a switch indicator light, a loudspeaker and an electric door lock.

4. The seat can be regulated to any height,equipped with a mobile handrail which is convenient for taking the seat

5. The handlebar can be disassembled and equipped with a basket in front of it,and the seat can disassembled and folded

Technical specification:                                                                                                                     


Size: 1100*510*690mm

Vehicle appearance dimensions:1205*510*910mm

Total weight: 40kg

Forward maximum speed: 6.8km/h

Full power Km.: 20-25km

Maximum Load: 120kg

Motor power:230W

Battery: 12V 17AH*2

Turning radius: 1200mm

Maximum climbing grade: 8

Beyond the battier height: 48mm

Driving system: LINI *24V

Charger model: 110V/220V(24V/2A)

Tyre size: 9 inch

Battery weight:5.7kg

Color: red gray

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