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AIR 60L wet and dry vacuum cleaner AC-603J

Vacuum Cleaner AC-603J  (Plastic tank + Two Motor + Tilt)


1. Made of semitransparent plastic, the tank is bump-proof and erosion-proof and the waste water in the tank can be viewed anytime

2. With a powerful lower-noise motor, the vacuum cleaner has specially strong suction.

3. A complete set of accessories are supplied with the vacuum cleaner

Technical specification:                                                                                                                                  

Packing: 590 x 520 x 965mm

Function: Wet and Dry

Capacity: 60L

Power: 2000w

Voltage: 220v-240v/50/60Hz

Height: 87cm

Tank Diameter: 440mm

Mode of Cooling: Circulating Air Cooling

Air Flow Rate: 106L/s

Vacuum Suction: 250mbar

Power Line Length: 8m

Hose Diameter: 40mm

Color:     green







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